7 Reasons Why Californians Are Moving to South Florida

7 Reasons Why Californians Are Moving to South Florida

*Article written by Victoria Standridge, especially for LuxSouthFloridaHomes.com

While California may be world-renowned for its perennial sunshine, glamorous celebrities, and miles-long beaches, recent years have seen a mass exodus that is slated to continue. As more Californians leave the West Coast for other locales, South Florida has seen a huge influx of ex-Californians relocating to its sunny shores.

What is it about South Florida in particular that attracts so many former California residents? Is it the hot nightclubs? The annual sunshine? The gorgeous beaches?

Let’s take a look at seven reasons why Californians are choosing South Florida as their prime relocation destination.

1. The Price Tag

Costs of living are at record highs in California, making it an untenable place to live on many working salaries. With the average home prices skyrocketing in the last several years, many Californians are choosing to seek more affordable options.

In South Florida, you can purchase a luxurious, spacious home by the beach for less than a cramped apartment in San Francisco. So savvy Californians are ready to spread out- and not break the bank in the process. While the cost of living is significantly lower in Florida than in California, South Florida residents still enjoy all the benefits of living in a beautiful beach state.

2. The Beaches

Although California is famous for its beaches, South Florida actually boasts a longer coastline than the Golden State. With nearly 600 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline and almost 800 miles of coast running alongside the Gulf of Mexico, Florida has 1350 total miles of coastline to explore.

South Florida’s beaches not only offer soft white sand beaches, but also abundant natural landscapes. Lagoons lined with mangrove trees offer options for outdoor activities like standup paddle-boarding and kayaking, while some of the more rugged beaches offer wildlife sightings of sea turtles, manatees, and alligators. Back on the beach, adventure seekers can also try surfing or parasailing, to watch the waves from a new vantage point.

3. The Climate

Florida gets an average of 237 days of sunshine each year- that’s almost 100 more days of sunshine each year than the annual average in Los Angeles! For sun-seekers who just can’t get enough Vitamin D, there is no place like Florida.

And certain cities in South Florida have even higher annual averages, making this the perfect place to melt into that flip-flops and shorts lifestyle. With a warm, tropical humidity punctuated by breezes from off the Gulf of Mexico, South Florida offers a dreamy tropical climate.

3. Starting a Business

California is a tough place to start a new business. With complicated bureaucratic systems to navigate, heavy income taxes, and high upstart costs, the process can feel fraught and rigged against new business owners before the business even begins.

In Florida, meanwhile, a new culture of innovation and multicultural interactions has created a rich atmosphere for new businesses. From tech startups attracted to the areas low cost of living and super fast Wi-fi speeds, to health tech companies to media outlets to food-based companies, South Florida is a hotbed of new innovations, with plenty of space for new startups.

4. Party City

South Florida is a fun place for young people to move. From diverse cultural offerings with a Latin flavor in Miami to the nightclubs and bars that dot the cities across South Florida, residents can mingle and enjoy the sexiness, diversity, and celebratory approach to life that characterizes the region.

Young people are seduced by the laidback culture and the fun and carefree approach to life in South Florida. And with no hefty California traffic to navigate, partygoers can hop on public transportation or walk home in the warm early hours at the end of a long night of dancing and merrymaking.

5. Family Atmosphere

Not simply a party city, South Florida also provides the perfect location for families looking to relocate. Low mortgage costs and monthly rent fees mean that families have more resources at their disposal to spend on raising their kids right. Plus, South Florida offers plenty of quality education choices so that their kids can thrive. And the area boasts tons of family-friendly attractions, from Disney World in Orlando to water parks, tropical botanical gardens, Butterfly World, coral reefs, and real life safaris.

Most restaurants and beach clubs in the region are extremely family-friendly, offering kids’ menus and even babysitting. The welcoming atmosphere is just one more reason for California families to settle in South Florida.

6. Taxes

Unlike California, Florida has no income tax, which is a strong draw for many hardworking families. Florida also boasts an attractive tax policy for retirees. Tax-friendly policies make retiring in Florida an ideal choice for former Californians; in Florida, retirees don’t have to pay taxes on Social Security income, withdrawals from retirement accounts, public or private pension income. And for families with young children, the more friendly tax system means the monthly budget can stretch much farther.

7. The Wildlife

Florida is home to plenty of natural wonders, including the world’s third largest coral reef. Adventuresome and outdoorsy Californians flock to South Florida’s abundant sites of natural beauty to gaze at the astounding wildlife. Scuba diving in pristine sea water, residents can watch colorful parrotfish and striped sergeant majors swim by. Or visit the Flamingo Gardens, a 60 acre oasis where the pink birds flock, alongside black bears and river otters. For nature lovers, birdwatchers, and animal enthusiasts, South Florida is a true haven.

South Florida Lifestyle

Given all the abundant natural beauty and the many amenities offered in South Florida, it is no wonder that Californians are moving en masse to soak in the sun and sea and hot nightclub scene of this wondrous part of the country. And with affordable home prices, no income tax, and low living costs, a move to South Florida is a smart investment for any clever Californian looking to save up while they enjoy a beachy lifestyle.

 *Article written by Victoria Standridge, especially for LuxSouthFloridaHomes.com

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